Journal Entry 8

Desired Outcome 1: Become the type of person who will actively avoid making excuses.
Value: If I don’t use some kind of setback or obstacle as an excuse, then I will make a habit of thinking of another way to do something instead of just thinking, “Okay, well, whatever, I can’t do that now because [X].”

Desired Outcome 2: Get an “A” in this course.
Value: Having a good grade on my college transcript before even going to college will help my GPA and my confidence.

Desired Outcome 3: Learn more about college and how it works.
Value: Right now, I find the idea of college foreign and intimidating, and if I’m going to graduate from it, I have to get over that as quickly as possible.


Desired Experience 1: Have fun.
Value: If I spend several years doing something that’s no fun ever, I’d say it was a waste of time. Plus, if I can actually be enthusiastic about staying in college at all, I’ll do better in all regards.

Desired Experience 2: Maturity
Value: I’ve always felt way more comfortable doing things that are more childish than mature. I have no plans to say goodbye to my inner child, but I should be able to do either childish or adult activities equally well.

Desired Experience 3: Independence
Value: I have no job, still no driver’s license, and rarely do anything important on my own. I want to fix these problems and become someone who could survive being all alone in the world, even if I’m not.


The value I place on being a success in college is 7 and my expectation of being a success in college is 5. Multiplied together, this gives me an achievement motivation score of 35. I could raise this by becoming more confident and also (more importantly) getting an idea of which college I’m going to and what exactly I’ll study.

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